Dealing With “Busy” Lifetime

This Week

Everyone has busy lives, it’s all about how you handle it that makes you different than your peers. Do you let it take over you to the point where you don’t function? Or do you take it head on and conquer the week?

This time we will really dive into ways to be the person who can conquer any task given to them.

Finding what you like

From hiking in the great outdoors to sitting in the comfort of your own home, everyone enjoys something different. To me, hanging out with my friends and family is my escape. Chilling on the beach, on the couch, and also smashing a tennis ball over the net is my way to relax. Finding something you enjoy so much, can make the difference.

¨BoardWalk” by Busy Bee is licensed under an Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International

Light a candle, dim the lights, and get crackin’ on a good book is one way to relax. Whatever you do to loosen up, stick with it. Relaxation is one way to de-stress throughout a busy week. Have some downtime before bed? Do what you love!

And by relaxing, I don’t mean laying down stressing about everything you have to do because we all know that is an easy way to lose track of what unwinding really means. Just escape in your thoughts and forget about the busy week behind, or ahead of you.


Having a set schedule is not always ideal, but writing things down can help minimize the stress. Planning out the week is an easy way to find time to rest no matter how busy the week is.

Everyone loves a trip to Target, so why not make it a nice relaxing time to find cute things to plan with. Buy a cute planner or bullet journal, some nice pens, and other accessories, this can help 100% with making it fun and enjoyable. Pinterest is such an easy way to find adorable ways to decorate it and make it entertaining.

To some art might not be the way to express how you’re feeling, there are other options! Finding planners on your phone or computer is another way to schedule. They make it so easy to access and also enjoy the process of laying out a busy week.


With fall just around the corner, all the cozy vibes are consuming all my thoughts! Finding a chill playlist can help me get focused on something I really need to do. I might just turn it on in my room to clean or blast it in my car to escape from the stress surrounding me.

Decorating or cleaning is another way to help you get in the right mindset of the week ahead of you. I think that having a scattered mind can lead to a scattered life. But having a clear room or house can help clear your mind to prepare for relaxation or the task to be done.

Whatever you do, let it be done well! Everyone needs to relax a little in order to get stuff done, as long as it’s not procrastinating!

Til next time,

Busy Bee ❤

¨BoardWalk” by Busy Bee is licensed under an Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International


3 Comments Add yours

  1. WildWings says:

    I enjoyed this post greatly! I used your tips and tricks to help me live a stress free week and it was great.


  2. r says:

    Thank you for all of these great tips! I find myself always making playlists to chill out, just like you, but I’ll have to try decorating!


  3. MADDIE says:

    I so relate to all the fall vibes consuming my thought’s. Also, I totally agree with what you said about having a scattered mind and how it leads to a scattered life!


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