2019 – New Year

With the New Year in full swing, I have many things to think about as I continue to want to better myself. Instead of focusing on goals that are most likely to be broken, I have decided to focus on areas that need growth. Whether this means in school, sports, or relationships, I believe there is always room for improvement but the new year just pushes people even more.

“Positivity Rock” by Busy Bee is shared under a CC BY-SA 4.0

In 2019 I decided to better my attitude. It should not matter if it’s towards a friend or a situation, I should try to be the positive person that most people need in their lives.

I chose to use the phrase “Keep your sunny side up” to remind myself and others to try and stay positive no matter the situation, this way you know you tried your best to be the positive light in your own and others lives.

Til next time,

Busy Bee ❤

One Comment Add yours

  1. BethCTech says:

    What a great focus for 2019! We all need that friend who helps remind us to focus on positivity. I hope that whoever receives this rock feels the same way!


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